Dexter the Great Pyrenees

MaxFund staff and volunteer favorite, Dexter the Great Pyrenees dog, is again needing surgery, and we’ve launched a campaign to draw awareness to his special needs, his need for a committed foster home, and his upcoming planned surgeries.

Dexter came to MaxFund in May, 2021. He’s officially been in the care of MaxFund for a full year. Originally purchased from a breeder while still a puppy, he was soon relinquished – at only 7 months old – his former owners incapable of caring for a soon-to-be very large dog health problems. Dexter was born with deformed legs. And while his spirit is still that of a very young dog, his struggle to jump and play only worsens.

Surgeries soon after he arrived at MaxFund bought him some time. Now, in an effort to give Dexter the real help he needs, extensive surgeries by canine orthopedic specialists on both of Dexter’s legs are moving forward. Necessary for an ideal outcome is surgery to his femurs and tibias, and an implant in his left knee.


All through June, we've been raising money for Dexter, the Great Pyrenees in our care that was born with deformed legs. Thanks to the contributions of of our loving supporters, Dexter had his first surgery and is doing great! He is well on his way to finally being able to live his best life.

When we started the campaign, we set our goal at raising $8,500 in June. We raised just over $11,000! These extra funds have allowed us to purchase a specific type of pen for Dexter's foster home to keep him able to get up and move around safely while he heals, and follow up surgeries are already being planned to continue his journey toward running and playing normally.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to make this happen for Dexter, thanks to Colorado Canine Orthopedics, and to the staff and volunteers at MaxFund who contribute their love and care to Dexter's every day progress. Together we are moving mountains for the animals who need us most!

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