Saving Nevaeh - May 2024 Fund-A-Need

Help us continue our efforts to save this miracle puppy

Saving Nevaeh - May 2024 Fund-A-Need
The story of 9-month-old puppy's miracle... 

In mid-April 2024, on an otherwise normal day, a 9-month-old German Shepherd was found abandoned and immobilized in the middle of a busy street outside of Denver, CO. A good Samaritan watched with bated breath as countless cars sped by while he tried to find a way to save her, and ultimately stopped traffic to scoop her up into his truck. This was just the first of many obstacles the puppy would soon face. 

She was barely responsive. Weak, clinging to shallow breaths and lethargic, shaky movements; it was clear that something was severely wrong with her health. She was brought to MaxFund on April 16th, 2024, without so much as a name or collar. The gentleman who saved her decided she should be called “Nevaeh, because she is going to need a miracle from Heaven.” 

Upon intake, our veterinary technicians noted everything her small, frail body was battling to stay alive; signs of distress in her heart and blood pressure, neurological screenings, and a painful, swollen abdomen. Her tests showed a severe case of Parvovirus--one of the most dangerous illnesses for young dogs, which requires intensive emergency treatment. 

Nevaeh was closely monitored day-in and day-out, keeping an eye on her vitals and responses to medication and fluids throughout 24-hour supervision.  

After nearly a week of hope from the MaxFund community, Nevaeh seemed to be getting her miracle. For the first time in our care, she was slowly starting to wag her tail, gaining back an appetite. Her story today is far from over, as she is working hard with MaxFund’s dedicated veterinary team to overcome the many health risks brought on by her critical condition.  

Today, Nevaeh is a beacon of hope for all the animals who come through MaxFund’s doors with nowhere else to turn. Without our tireless efforts to support her journey, Nevaeh’s life would have come to a tragic and unwarranted end. It is MaxFund’s impassioned mission to give every animal a second chance at life, especially those with complex medical cases. Our nonprofit organization assumes all the medical expenses associated with these animals because we believe there is no dollar amount that can be placed on saving a life. 

Any contributions toward Nevaeh’s heartwarming health journey, and other MaxFund medical cases, are greatly appreciated to offset the costs of expensive medical care.  

Without our generous donors, this mission would not be possible. We thank you for your help in saving the lives of countless abandoned animals throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.  

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