Hope For Harlow

One sweet kitty's journey to our shelter, and her hopes to go home

By Shannon Patsey - April 3, 2024


585 days – over 19 months.  That's how long Harlow has been in our care. In that time, she watched as every other cat in her room left for their forever homes. Harlow sees the adopters excitedly pick up their cat, while she is left behind – again and again. Harlow has been returned TWICE, through no fault of her own-- each time, her humans moved and didn't take her with them.  She was last dropped off 11/21/22. Her humans told her they were just going on vacation and soon, they'd be back for her. She kept waiting, looking out the window for them and hoping... but they never showed. Harlow wondered, “Did I something do wrong?” Her shelter friends assured her she did not. This gal is trying her best to remain upbeat and positive, but we can see she is getting depressed.  

Why does Harlow get overlooked? Well, this elegant mini-panther lady with sultry green eyes is neither shy nor flashy, so she may not immediately catch your eye. Instead, she's that perfect "Goldilocks" cat: a loving, sweet, nine years young “lap cat,” who will curl up with you and love to be pet. When not in your lap, she'll perch on her cat tower, enjoying the sun while looking at birds, squirrels, anything passing by. She meows a little, not a lot.  

She will require very little while giving you back much joy & comfort.  While she does need to be your only cat, she lived very easily with a cat-friendly dog & would do fine with kids 5+ ! 

Harlow has diabetes, which is not hard to manage.  She gets insulin shots twice/ day; they do not hurt her and she tolerates them easily.  Our Vet Staff will walk you through every step! 

Won't you please give this girl, who has waited so long for her fur-ever home, a chance?

Call or visit our shelter today to meet Harlow, she will be waiting for you to fall in love!

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