Bill: The Young Cat Who Refused to Give Up

February 26, 2024


Bill has been a major case here at MaxFund.
His story, and his uniquely dire medical situation, proved to be no match to the esteemed medical professionals at MaxFund Veterinary Clinic. With their care and his perserverance, the unthinkable became reality.

After exhibiting symptoms of serious illness, MaxFund vets were able to test and determine his severe need for the removal of a diseased kidney. "We didn't know if he was going to make it through," noted a member of the medical team.

Bill, a very young cat, was set to undergo an emergency, high-risk, and life-saving surgery that would have placed him on a euthanasia list at other shelters. MaxFund’s medical team was informed that he may not survive the procedure, but knew they had to take the chance to save his life.

We're thrilled to announce that bill has been a champion-- He's healing well and exploring, just days after the kidney removal! He's on his way to a full recovery, to become a perfectly healthy, happy kitty.

Shelly Raber, MaxFund’s Cat Foster Coordinator, was both astonished and supportive:

“I always think of “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky, when I’m with Bill. The little guy was not leaving this world, and he wanted everyone to know it…He has so much love to give and he adores receiving love, too!” She said.

Bill is a shining example of the many injured, sick, or medically complex animals that MaxFund take in and treat, who would be euthanized at a different, non No Kill shelter. Here, extensive medical costs are secondary to the animals’ well-being, and covered by our organization's network of thoughtful donors.

“Animals teach us so much, and [Bill] certainly teaches us to live life with gusto.” -Shelly Raber


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