MaxFund is Trying to Save Watson!

Watson is safe! More details to come as we learn them. Thank you so much Southwest English Setter Rescue and all of the people who worked to make this happen. Together we worked to #SaveWatson, and our efforts paid off!


As of right now, we do not have definitive information to relay regarding Watson. We hope to very soon. As a reminder, MaxFund does not support threatening, using negative language, or spreading false information as we await news about Watson from Denver Animal Shelter. For updates, keep an eye on our page. When we know more, we will communicate what we know.

Original Post:
Please help!
MaxFund is working to help save Watson from being euthanized at Denver Animal Shelter this coming Sunday, July 23rd. Read Watson's full story by clicking HERE!

MaxFund is willing to pull Watson to get him transferred to Southwest English Setter Rescue. DENVER ANIMAL SHELTER HAS NOT BEEN RESPONDING TO TRANSFER REQUESTS!

Please help us by reaching out to Denver Animal Shelter with your support of Watson. Write and/or call Denver officials and politely request that Watson be given the opportunity to go to a rescue that will love and help him live out the rest of his life. Find contacts in the story's link above.
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