Volunteer Opportunities

There always seem to be specific positions we are looking for volunteers to fill. Occasionally these will be one-time positions and sometimes they will be long-term positions. All should be clearly explained below. These are not the only positions we have available for volunteers! These are just some of the specific tasks that we need help with at this time.


Volunteer Mentors

The first few times at the shelter can be scary for new volunteers. Volunteers might be afraid they are doing something wrong or getting in the way of the staff or not helping out correctly. Having someone to help them out really makes them more comfortable and more confident in their return to the shelter! Volunteer mentors will receive a special yellow badge, so new volunteers will know to seek help from you if they need it. You may also occasionally be asked to meet with new volunteers who have requested a mentor to help them begin getting familiar with the operations. If you are a volunteer that is at MaxFund frequently and you feel comfortable "mentoring" the newer volunteers, please contact the volunteer coordinator at jesseatmaxfunddotorg.

Event Team/Marketing Committee

Events are one of the best ways MaxFund has to raise awareness, funds, and is also useful in getting animals out of the shelter and additional adoption exposure! With all the events we do throughout the year, it is way more than one person (or even a few people) can reasonably handle. In the summer it is not uncommon for us to do as many as one or two events per weekend, with some larger events scattered throughout.

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in taking a more active role with events - leading, coordinating, and doing some of the vital roles like setup and teardown at various events. Being part of the team means you can work with others who have done the events before, rather than having to take things on yourself. If you are interested, contact eventsatmaxfunddotorg for more details!

Champs Program

Champs was started in 2005 and has had many successes with some of MaxFunds’ more behaviorally challenged dogs. Between the volunteer trainers and instructors Champs has helped many of MaxFund’s dogs get a new leash on life and live happily ever after with their forever parents. The MaxFund Champs Program is designed to help some of the behaviorally challeneged dogs become more comfortable with basic commands, walking on a leash and better understand common good behaviors, to help them eventually find their forever homes. With the help of certified trainer Laura McGaughey of Delightful Doggies, we'll be conducting six-week training classes.

To be a Champs trainer, you must first have gone through the process to become a new volunteer (see Potential Volunteer Information for information on getting started). If you are interested in becoming a Champs Trainer, please feel free to contact  Laura McGaughey at lauraatdelightfuldoggiesdotcom.



There are always lots of homes needed for foster care! An animal will come in that is too shy, too old, need around-the-clock care, etc. and those needs just can't be accomodated at the shelter. MaxFund provides the medical care (assuming you bring them to MaxFund's clinic, not another one) and you provide the love! Check out the Foster Care Info Page for more details..

In addition to foster care, we are looking for some individuals who would be willing to help "whelp", or help birth some kittens and puppies from our pregnant animals! The need for this depends on the season and who is pregnant at the time. If this is something you are interested in, please contact our foster coordinator at fosteringatmaxfunddotorg  (fostersatmaxfundvolunteersdotorg)  , training will be provided if you aren't comfortable with it!

Mobile Adoption Location Coordinators

Mobile adoptions are constantly ongoing at many different locations, and we get even more requests to do mobiles at other locations! Coordinators are responsible for scheduling the mobiles, soliciting and organizing volunteers so they know how many animals to bring, arrange to get the dogs "delivered" from the shelter (this is typically done by MaxFund staff but if they are unable to you may be asked to help arrange transportation) and talking up MaxFund while you are there! You may also be asked to help screen potential adopters that put in applications at the mobiles. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact jesseatmaxfunddotorg.


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