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December 2008 - Julie Milder

Julie Milder

Julie started out with MaxFund when she was getting married and rather than accepting gifts, wanted to accept donations for a shelter. She felt that MaxFund was very deserving of the donation and raised a lot of money for MaxFund in leu of gifts! She decided to get a little more involved, and so she began volunteering and has been an excellent resource ever since! She has helped with many of the events such as Lucky Mutt Strut, as well as helping take over the coordination of dog photos and bios as well as assisting with getting the cat bios posted and updated, which is essential to getting these animals the exposure they need to get updated!

She has also been more than willing to help mentor new volunteers and show them the ropes whenever possible! Thank you so much Julie for all you do around the shelter!

November 2008 - Becky Ettenhoffer

Becky is a long-time volunteer at the MaxFund. She spends many hours and has such enthusiasm for fostering animals and looking for homes for them. She has fostered sick kittens, and she fostered Chef/Chief, one of MaxFund's long-term dogs. She also helps take care of Molly Dharma, one of MaxFund's most infamous dogs. Thanks to Becky, some of MaxFund's most challenging animals have felt love and companionship. Becky just completed being a key player for the Molly Dharma run, an event that raised $3000. At the same time, she was a great help for the Pars for Paws event, which raised approximately $4300. She is such an asset to the shelter. Her enthusiasm and caring attitude are remarkable. Thanks, Becky, for all you do!

October 2008 - CJ Annas

CJ Annas

CJ has done an amazing job with our Petsmart program. She was willing to step up and take over the program when no one knew anything about it. Now, she coordinates with the staff at Petsmart to make sure our cats living at Petsmart are cared for and adopted. She also coordinates which cats will go to Petsmart, and she often is the one transporting them. Thanks to CJ's dedication and hard work, roughly seven cats get adopted from Petsmart every month.

CJ also makes sure the cats are happy while at Petsmart. She personally checks on them and she also has coordinated a group of volunteers to go to Petsmart to socialize the cats and keep them happy. This increases their chance for adoption and makes their quality of life better. She also has spent time following up with people who have adopted from Petsmart to make sure the cats are adjusting well in their new homes. In addition to coordinating the whole Petsmart program, CJ also helps with special events. She assisted with the Lucky Mutt Strut, and she played a role in the planning and support of the Molly Dharma Run fundraiser. Thank you, CJ, for all that you do for MaxFund and the kitties!!! You make a huge difference!

September 2008 - Carol Bennett

Carol Bennett

Carol has been a volunteer at MaxFund for over a year now, and has made an impact on a lot of dogs and cats at the shelter! One of her nominators described her as a "Dog Walker SUPREME". She spends every lunch hour during the week at MF walking dogs, and is often there on Saturday walking dogs as well. She works with some of our more challenging boys and girls with the ultimate goal of finding them their forever home.

In addition to the help at the shelter, she also takes in mom and kitten cats into her home for foster care, provides MaxFund with food and supplies, and helps out with events and fundraisers as well! She raised over a thousand dollars for the recent Lucky Mutt Strut event, and was also one of the top points earner in the zootoo shelter makeover contest! Her consistency is great and many of the dogs count on seeing her at lunchtime for their daily walk! Thanks Carol for all you do for MaxFund!

August 2008 - Dorian Merrill

Although Dorian has been at MaxFund for only a short time, she has made a huge difference for the cats. She visits, loves and plays with the cats usually 2-3 times per week. Anyone who goes into the cat rooms knows Dorian, because she is there frequently and has become a mainstay of those rooms. She has become an expert on all cats, so when adopters need help, she can give them answers about virtually any cat – not just cats in a specific room.
Dorian not only loves the cats and visits with them, but she also has been helping with their bios for the web. Her wit, humor and creativity make the cats come alive on paper. Her bios are so fun and vibrant that we're surprised people haven't rushed in to get the cats! Thanks to her help, cats in the Incoming Room are getting on the web faster.
Dorian also chips in whenever anyone needs help, and she has become an important contributor to the cat discussions on the forums. She is enjoyable for both the cats and people, and she always has a smile! Thanks, Dorian, for all you do for the wonderful cats at MaxFund! They thank you!

July 2008 - Erin Fandal

Although Erin has only recently returned to MaxFund as a volunteer, she has made a large impact and taken on so many roles. She has been helping to coordinate mobile adoptions, which in and of itself is a large job. She has also been very important and helpful with special events, including the Lucky Mutt Strut and soliciting auction items for Puttin on the Max. Erin has not only been helpful with special events and adoptions, but she has also become invaluable at the shelter. When the front desk staff needs help, she works at the front desk. She always greets people with a cheerful smile and friendly hello, which makes volunteers and potential adopters feel very welcome. Of course, she is a big fan of the dogs and can often be found loving the dogs. As a new volunteer mentor, she has been helpful with new volunteers. Just her pleasant nature alone helps the new volunteers. Hopefully Erin knows how appreciated she is for all she does. Much of this work wouldn't get done without her!

June 2008 - Kim Murdock

Kim is one of those volunteers that I hate to think of how things would be without her. I hesitate to think of what things were like before she came along and I would hate to think of how they would be if she ever left! Even though Kim started out at MaxFund with the intention of walking dogs, she ultimately decided it was the cats that needed her attention more - and attention they have received indeed! She spends countless hours petting and comforting the cats - especially those in the wellness center who don't receive as many visitors as other parts of the shelter. Kim writes almost all of the cat bios and takes almost all of the photos of the cats for the website and works tirelessly to bring the cats more attention and adoptions. She pets the cats, recognizes when they need more attention and affection and socializing. She also helps them receive the medical care they need by paying much closer attention to their individual traits than most have the time to and helping recognize potential problems before they become serious.
In addition to helping out at the shelter, Kim also helps familiarize new volunteers with the cats by teaching the Cat Handling 101 part of the orientation, as well as serving as a volunteer mentor to all volunteers interested in helping with the cats. Thanks Kim for all you do for MaxFund! The cats send a big loud purr out in your direction!

May 2008 - Tami Tanoue


Tami is an amazing volunteer, and we could write pages on how much she contributes to the MaxFund. In fact, she was nominated for volunteer of the month by multiple volunteers and even staff. Tami handles the dog handling portion of new volunteer orientation. Her wit and knowledge help new volunteers feel comfortable and excited about walking dogs. She also designed and teaches the Lobby Greeter training, which is a very important class. In addition to helping with classes, Tami is extremely helpful with new volunteers. She always has a smile and a minute to explain things to those who aren't "in the know" yet. Tami also fosters many animals, sets up appointments with prospective adopters and gives staff the input concerning these potential pet parents. She brings food for staff and other volunteers and she donates constantly, whether it is toys for dogs, dog food, money or a tag machine. Tami has also been extremely helpful with mobile adoption events. For example, just recently she helped with the pet expo and helped to make sure we had dogs and cats represented. Whether it is at the shelter or outside events, MaxFund can always count on Tami to step up, contribute and make things go well. Tami is a huge asset for MaxFund and she is appreciated by the humans and furries alike! Thank you, Tami, for all you do!

April 2008 - Janice Baker

Since becoming a volunteer at MaxFund, Janice has become a huge asset to the organization. She loves the cats, interacts with them (even some of the more difficult ones) and does everything she can to help them get adopted. Realizing that the cats in the clinic have little chance for adoption on the weekends (since the clinic is closed), Janice became a lobby greeter. On Saturdays, she consistently escorts people to the clinic, so those cats get a chance for adoption. Janice was also instrumental in designing a new system to identify why cats are in cages. New volunteers have no idea why a cat is in a cage, and they don't know if the cats are allowed to free roam or not. Janice designed a cage card that tells volunteers why a cat is in the cage and if a cat can come out to stretch and fee roam. This new system is great for not only volunteers, but also staff. With this system, more cats will have a chance to leave their cages occasionally. Janice has also begun to help with the cat bios. With so many cats, it became difficult to keep the web constantly updated. With Janice's help, we're getting more cats on the web. Finally, Janice volunteers on the marketing committee. She has written press releases, and she worked hard to help MaxFund generate money from the sale of Avalanche tickets on February 14. She stepped up to run this event, and it was a great success. Janice has become indispensible in such a short time. Thank you Janice for all you do!

March 2008 - Ed Dahlgren

Ed has been a long time volunteer at the MaxFund. He comes in regularly and works with some of the more difficult dogs. Sometimes Ed picks animals up from other shelters and takes them home until they are ready for the MaxFund. He also constantly opens up his own home as a foster family for some dogs that aren't adjusting well at the shelter. Ed is also involved with the Champs program. He was an active member of the Tech Committee while that committee existed. With his great computer knowledge, he also figured out how we can add new products to the zootoo.com website, which has allowed all of us to accumulate more points. He alone has already accumulated 10,671 points! He has a sincere passion for animals and spends a lot of his time sharing his passion with MaxFund! In addition, his personality and humor make volunteering at the shelter all the more enjoyable! Thank you Ed for all that you do.

February 2008 - Lindsay St Antoine

Lindsay is an energetic and dedicated volunteer. In November, Lindsay held a fundraising event that she coordinated and marketed on her own. It was the first time this event had ever been held, and it included a silent auction, a raffle for Frontier Airlines tickets and an art sale. This event raised roughly $4500!!!! This was a phenomenal success for any event, let alone a first time event put together by one person. Lindsay also contributes around the shelter. In particular, she is a dedicated feral cat volunteer. Not many volunteers spend time with the feral cats, but Lindsay loves these guys. She helps to make sure cats that are not feral get moved out into other rooms where they get exposure and have a chance for adoption. This is an incredibly important role. Lindsay was also helpful is re-writing the bios for the feral cats. Thank you Lindsay for your hard work and dedication!

January 2008 - Bill Brown

Bill is a long time dog walker. He focuses on the dogs who aren't as socialized and don't get as many walks. He comes in every Sunday and takes out as many dogs as possible, usually getting 5 dogs out for a long walk! During those especially harsh months last winter, he was one of the few walkers who took the large size dogs out on the icy streets, so they could get out of the shelter.
The dogs at MaxFund are lucky to have Bill. We volunteers are also very lucky. In December 2006, Bill created a custom computer program to log the volunteer hours. He designed it specifically for the MaxFund. In the past, volunteers logged their hours in a notebook. Often, pages from the notebook would disappear, and we had to manually tabulate our hours. Then, someone would have to manually enter in all volunteer hours, which took a lot of time but was necessary for grants. With Bill's new system, hundreds of MaxFund volunteers have registered their hours with ease. It is saving us a great deal of time and labor. Thank you Bill for all you do!

Volunteer of the Month Nominations

Volunteers are an integral part of the MaxFund, and we are so thankful for all of you! You have contributed thousands of hours and allowed MaxFund to fulfill its mission. There are some whose efforts are particularly commendable, and we would like to recognize these people. Starting in April, we will celebrate and honor one volunteer each month for his/her exemplary contributions and good work.
Because the staff cannot always see all that volunteers do, we need your help in nominating volunteers. The nominations do not necessarily have to be based on time contributed. Rather, we need your help in recognizing people who go above and beyond, whether that’s clipping cat nails, walking around the neighborhood picking up dog poop, doing laundry for hours or any number of things. If you believe someone should be honored, please use the form below to nominate the person. A committee will choose the winner each month and winners will be posted!

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