Volunteer Contact Information

NOTE: Before volunteering for most shelter activities (with the exception of certain events and foster care) all volunteers MUST have gone through a Volunteer Orientation and have a Volunteer badge! For more information on getting started as a volunteer, please visit Potential Volunteer Information. The list below is intended for current, active volunteers!

Jason Allen, Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Inquiries

MaxFund staff contact
maxfundofficeatmaxfunddotorg  (maxfundofficeatmaxfunddotorg)  

Foster Program Administrator - Erica Jenkins
fosteringatmaxfunddotorg  (fosteringatmaxfunddotorg)  

Cat bio recommendations - Kim Murdock
kimmurdockatpeoplepcdotcom  (kimmurdockatpeoplepcdotcom)  

Dog bio recommendations - Tami Tanoue
tatesqatyahoodotcom  (tatesqatyahoodotcom)  

Champs Coordinator - Diane Kirkpatrick
dianemkirkpatrickatgmaildotcom  (dianemkirkpatrickatgmaildotcom)  

Mobile Adoptions CoordinatorCarolyn Garcia
carolynatmaxfunddotorg  (dogadoptionsatmaxfunddotorg)  

Marketing Committee/Event Team - Jason Allen

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