Chili Cookoff February 23 – Competition Slots Still Available!

WHEN: Sunday, February 23, 2013
Chili Judging/Tasting from 1pm to 4pm and Chili winners
announced at 5:00pm
WHERE: Celtic Tavern/Delaneys Bar in historic LoDo
1801 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202 | 303.308.1795
HOW MUCH: Tasters $15 @ the door** or pre-purchase tickets here for $10 before February 21st (children 12 years and younger are only $5); Chili Entrants $30.00 per chili; register here.
Continuing a two-decade tradition, MaxFund’s 20th Annual Chili Cookoff is happening on February 23, 2014, at 1:00 p.m., at the Celtic Tavern/Delaney’s Bar in LoDo. We hope you’ll come out and support the event, either by entering your great chili in the Cookoff, or by being a chili taster! All proceeds will benefit the dogs and cats of MaxFund. Competition slots are still available! In fact, as of this writing, there are still NO entrants in our new WHITE CHILI category. If you have a great white chili recipe, you’re currently a shoo-in to win!

Entering your chili is easy! First, register here and pay the $30 entry fee. Pick from green, red, white, vegetarian, or celebrity chef categories (celebrity chefs are limited to entrants who are TV personalities, radio personalities, or restaurant chefs).  Do you want to enter more than one chili? Sure! Just pay an additional registration fee for each chili you enter. Please keep in mind there are only 35 registration slots for chefs, so register now!

Bring your finished chili ready to heat and serve in a slow cooker or warmer. You can have up to two assistants to help you. (If your assistants want to be tasters, they will need to register as tasters.) Please arrive between 11:30 and noon to start setting up. If you want to provide decorations for your station, you are welcome to. Bring a ladle or two for serving, and a power strip for your slow cooker or warmer. If there are “toppers” to fine-tune your chili to perfection (cheese, onions, croutons, crackers, sour cream, etc.), bring those in serving containers, too. You’ll want to prepare for 150 to 200 tasters, so it would be prudent to make at least 3-1/2 to 5 quarts of chili.

Each chef will be provided a station for his or her chili, including a table, chairs, tasting cups, tasting spoons, power source, and signage.

Prizes? Yes! This year, the top chili in each category, will be chosen by the tasters, as will an overall winner! We have FABULOUS prizes this year, too…cash AND gift cards! We also have fun “door prizes” for the chili tasters this year!

To register as a taster, please go here. The registration fee is $10 if you use this link, $15 at the door. We’re also having a silent auction for some fabulous items! As a taster, you’ll have the opportunity to peruse, shop, bid, and win!

The Chili Cookoff has been a fun and tasty way to support MaxFund for two decades now. Please bring your chili or your appetite and join us on February 23!


For more information, please visit our Blacktie Colorado webpage here!