Stocks and Securities

You can give a very powerful gift to MaxFund’s animals and also gain a substantial tax advantage for yourself by giving stocks or mutual fund shares that have appreciated in value.

If you choose to give securities that you have held longer than one year to MaxFund, you can avoid all capital gains tax liability on the appreciation. In addition, you can take a charitable income tax deduction for the full current market value of the securities (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income) with up to five additional years to carry-over the deduction. This option is especially attractive if you have long-term stock holdings that have greatly grown in value.

You can also “balance” capital gains through a charitable gift of appreciated securities to MaxFund. Under this alternative, you give part of your shares to MaxFund while selling the remainder. In consultation with your financial advisor, you can determine the gift amount that will exactly offset the gain from the sale of the remainder of your securities.

If you own securities that have decreased in value from the amount you paid for them, you should consider selling the stock and making a gift of cash to MaxFund. This ensures you can take a capital loss deduction on your income tax and a charitable deduction for the full amount of the donation.

To make a donation contact:

Jackie Johnson
Vice President - Financial Consultant
RBC Wealth Management
1200 17th Street
Suite 2200
Denver CO 80202

Phone: 303-595-1102 or 800-234-3703
Fax: 303-595-1155

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