Dakota is an Alaskan Husky/Akita mix.  He truly is the elder statesman of MaxFund, distinguished, handsome, and patient.  He was found as a stray in the mountains, and the people who found him noted that he is housetrained, as well as a polite, well-mannered gentleman.  He is very easy to walk.  Dakota has hip dysplasia, for which he takes supplements, so short, leisurely walks are recommended.  Dakota also enjoys getting brushed, sitting in the sunshine, and lapping up love.

One of the many volunteers who loves spending time with Dakota shared a few fun facts about Dakota.  First, at this mature stage of his life, he is  different than the usual Husky, that is, no need to worry about wanderlust or trying to get out to roam!   Second, he loves being talked to -  he will gaze at you as though communicating telepathically. 

If you currently have a dog, Dakota would love to do a meet-and-greet to see how he might do with your dog, but would do best if your dog is mild-mannered.  Dakota also doesn’t mind being around cats.Dakota is a very special boy looking for a forever home.  Please come visit with him to see how wonderful he is!  Dakota is also  available for foster care, so please contact the MaxFund office at 303-595-4917 to set up a meeting.