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For all correspondence to MaxFund:
MaxFund Administration
720 W. 10th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center
1005 Galapago Street
Denver, Colorado 80204-3942

Phone: 303-595-4917
Fax: 303-595-0192

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Maxfund Cat Shelter
720 W. 10th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 720-266-6081
Open six days a week from 11am-4pm (CLOSED TUESDAY)

Executive Director:
directoratmaxfunddotorg  (directoratmaxfunddotorg)  

Adopting one of our animals or relinquishing an animal:
catsanddogsatmaxfunddotorg  (catsanddogsatmaxfunddotorg)  

Events and Mobile Adoptions:
kathyatmaxfunddotorg  (kathyatmaxfunddotorg)  

Marketing and Donations:
marketingatmaxfunddotorg  (marketingatmaxfunddotorg)  

All other information requests or questions:
maxfundofficeatmaxfunddotorg  (maxfundofficeatmaxfunddotorg)  


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