Preece is a sweet young Shar Pei mix who was brought to the MaxFund clinic by his owner. He was unable to move. It was clear that his medical care would be extensive and expensive, and his owner was unable to pay for it. MaxFund agreed to allow Preece to be relinquished to MaxFund's care. We are now doing everything we can to give Preece his mobility. His life. A future. It is going to be an expensive journey. But what he needs now, more than anything, is a foster home. We're not going to sugar-coat it: Preece needs a lot of care. Taking him home will be a labor of love. But Preece will return that love to you a thousand times over.

Preece's condition was a mystery and still is as far as the WHY it happened. His owner reported that he'd not been well with a "tense belly" and diarrhea, and had a seizure the night before he was relinquished to MaxFund. The exam and blood work at the MaxFund clinic did not provide any clues to Preece's condition. Dr. Suro (MaxFund co-founder and medical director) noted in his neuro exam that Preece did react when his toes were pinched. A little light in the darkness!

But we knew that if this kid had a chance at all, he would need a specialist. He was immediately sent to VRCC, a specialty hospital in Englewood, to have a neurology consultation with Dr. Lane. An MRI revealed that Preece had a blood clot in his spine from unknown causes. This is unusual -- not unheard of, but extremely unusual. He underwent surgery to remove the clot in his spine that was pressing on his spinal cord and causing his paralysis. The removal of the clot was the only option if he was going to recover and ever gain mobility for the quality of life needed. There were no guarantees, but it was that or death. His surgery took place last month. This was his holiday gift indeed.

He is doing extremely well, and even though he is still not ambulatory, major improvements are seen daily. He's a big boy. At 8 months old, he's already 50 pounds (and counting now that he's come back from the brink), so regaining mobility is a must. His treatment plan includes daily physical therapy. Swims at CRCG are also prescribed. He's not mobile yet, but is learning to get around in a cart.

Preece would love a home with other dogs who can encourage him and set an example for him ("I want to do that!"). He gets along fabulously with other nice dogs. Dr. Suro describes him as a "big, nice Shar Pei." His owner reported that he is good with both dogs and cats, very house-trained, and well-trained generally. He's going to be a wonderful companion to some lucky person or family that knows and loves this special breed. VRCC's neuro department reports he is just gleeful with little dogs! 

Do you have the time, space, and energy to help this great boy? MaxFund would cover all of his medical needs and continue to be responsible for his medical expenses. But Preece needs a home, and the love and dedication of a committed person or family, in order to continue to get better. Please call Heidi Hahn at the MaxFund Wellness Center (303-595-0532) if you might be that person.


Are you interested in a laser treatment, or a feline distemper/canine parvo vaccination, for your pet? Well, the MaxFund Wellness Center has a great Groupon deal going on right now!
The Groupon will let you get a vaccination or a laser treatment session for your dog or cat at almost half price! With the Groupon, a feline distemper or canine parvo vaccination is only $10 (regularly $19), and a laser treatment is only $39 (regularly $78).
For more details, and to purchase your Groupon, please go here. Quantities are limited, and this is a limited-time deal, so get your Groupon soon!


Renegade Logo


Renegade Brewing Company is an innovative brewery located at 925 W. 9th Ave. in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver. They're here to do things a little differently and share some great beer with you while doing it! They have a taproom that's chock full of some of the best craft beers in Colorado. Check it out, and you'll see why Renegade has been named Westword's Best Brewery-Taproom - Ambience for 2013!

Renegade is dog-friendly in more ways than one. If you're in the neighborhood walking your dog, stop in for a brew...dogs are welcome! But Renegade also believes in giving back to the community. That's why they've partnered with MaxFund to bring you MaxFund Mondays!

Every Monday, Renegade will select a beer to be the MaxFund Monday beer. $1 of every glass of that beer purchased will go to MaxFund! They'll switch it up so you can have some variety while supporting pet adoption.

But wait, there's more! The last Monday of every month is your chance to meet Renegade's MaxFund Pet of the Month! In the beginning of the month Renegade will select a pet who needs a home. Stop into the taproom or check out Renegade's Facebook page to get a little information about the pet of the month. When it’s time for the pet to visit the taproom, you’re welcome to stop in between 5 and 7 PM to say hey or introduce your own dog!

Luther is January’s Pet of the Month. You can meet Luther on Monday, January 27 from 5-7 PM at Renegade! You can read more about Luther in this great poster made for Luther by Renegade's Ambassador of Beer Enjoyment! Thanks, Ambassador!

We're looking forward to our partnership with Renegade on these and several other events throughout 2014. Thank you, Renegade, for supporting the great pets at MaxFund! We hope everyone will visit Renegade on Mondays, lift a glass of some amazing beer, and help MaxFund.




Olivia is a gorgeous Shepherd mix who was born in 2004.  We don’t know a lot of details about her past, because she was left outside of the shelter.  She needed medical treatment when she first arrived, but is all better, and is so ready to find her new home.

Olivia is incredibly smart, loyal, appreciative, and cuddly with the humans that she loves and trusts.  She loves tummy rubs, playing with her toys, rolling in the grass, treats, and nice walks.  She is quite the kisser too.  Many of the volunteers are head over heels in love with her.

She has begun to make friends with some of the other dogs at the shelter.  She may prefer to be an “only dog,” but if you have another dog at home, a meet and greet would be terrific.  We are not sure how she feels about cats, so may do best in a home without them.

When Olivia lets you into her world, it is a very special place to be!  She is a beautiful soul, and does not hold grudges.  She would like to find a forever home where she feels safe, secure, and loved.   We know that the best part of her life is yet to come!  She is also available to be fostered.  If you want to give Olivia her forever home, or are interested in fostering her, please contact the MaxFund office at (303) 495-4917.