OLIVIA: A Good Girl in Need of a Good Home




Note: Olivia is almost 10 years old, and has been at MaxFund for nearly three years. She's a beautiful Shepherd-Rottweiler mix who's in her golden years and deserves a life in a loving home. She is adored by the staff and volunteers, who are sad to see the days and months tick by for her. She endured some heartbreaking abuse before she came to MaxFund, so she's cautious with new people. But once she knows you're OK, she is a sweet and loving girl. If you think you might have room in your home and heart for Olivia, please contact MaxFund. She's available for adoption or fostering; as a foster dog, her medical needs, should they arise, will be taken care of by MaxFund. Here's her bio:

Imagine a life with me, Olivia. We could be great pals if you give me the chance!

Here's what I think would be awesome: a walk or two a day, me strolling with you, sniffing and enjoying all the good scents in the air and on the ground, maybe a romp in a yard, me rolling in grass, leaves or snow (depending on the season, of course,) a stuffed or squeaky toy, an occasional meaty treat, and a soft bed or blanket to snuggle on for snoozing. After we have gained each other's love and respect, you may enjoy a good belly rub (of my belly, that is...). Ah, life could be so sweet!

I think I could be fine sharing a home with another calm, easygoing, gentle dog. I have enjoyed walks with some other well-mannered dogs from time to time. I sit nicely on command (especially for treats!) And I am super-ready to be by your side, to be a loyal and loving companion forever!

So please ask to see me, Olivia!


First of all, from everykitty and everydoggie at MaxFund, THANK YOU, Purina Cat Chow, for your GENEROUS contribution to the renovation of the MaxFund Wellness Center, for the AMAZING work by your volunteers to help complete the renovation, for the UPLIFTING appearance by the lovely and talented Mandy Moore, and for a GREAT block party to celebrate the completed renovation!! The shelter cats' lives have been and will continue to be ENRICHED by your work in BUILDING BETTER LIVES!!

The MaxFund Wellness Center was the site of a huge effort by Purina Cat Chow volunteers on July 11 and 12, 2014. On Friday, July 11, nearly 20 people from around the country, primarily Missouri, Texas, and Georgia, as well as the Denver metro area, came prepared to work in 95 degree temperatures to put the finishing touches on the renovation of the Wellness Center.

Purina Cat Chow’s “Building Better Lives” campaign provided a generous grant to MaxFund for the work, which has been going on for the last few months. MaxFund was one of only three shelters nationwide to receive this grant.

Celebrity actress-singer-songwriter Mandy Moore came to MaxFund to assist the volunteers’ efforts on July 11. Ms. Moore is well-known for her animal advocacy, and has four shelter cats and two shelter dogs in her own family. She talks about her commitment to animal welcare in this interview with 9 News that took place the morning of July 11.

The volunteers put in an impressive effort, working from 9:00 a.m. to past 3:00 p.m., when thunder clouds finally rolled in and put an end to their work day. A construction manager at the site was heard to observe that it was because of the volunteers that the final push to completion was successful! Everyone at MaxFund is so grateful to the volunteers and all the kind folks at Purina Cat Chow.

And if Friday's efforts weren't enough, most of the Purina volunteers stayed on Saturday to help MaxFund put on a block party that was enjoyed by humans, canines, and even some felines! Gearheart displayed its mastery of power rock hits throughout the day. Tinker's Evolution served its amazing grilled burritos. Capt'n Crabby's crab-filled creations were crazy-good! And Corner of Gourmet truly lived up to its "gourmet" billing. Jagged Mountain Brewery satisfied the beer drinkers with its distinctive craft beer, which is indeed enjoyable in any setting! Several vendors were present with some cool pet-related merchandise and services.

One of MaxFund's staffers was heard to observe that Purina's corps of volunteers are second to none, other than MaxFund's own great volunteers! That's high praise indeed! We are so grateful to everyone at Purina for the the opportunity to partner with you in "Building Better Lives" for MaxFund's cats through rescue, nutrition, and adoption. Thanks to ALL who participated.





The 2014 Lucky Mutt Strut, held  on June 7  at Cheesman Park, was a resounding success. Not only did it set attendance records, but it was the most successful Lucky Mutt Strut from a fundraising standpoint in the shelter’s more than 25 year history. 
We’d like to thank everyone who attended, as well as our wonderful vendors, sponsors, and donors, including Preferred Properties, Fast Signs, Safeway, Eldorado Natural Spring Water, and AM 950 Cruisin'  Oldies.
Additionally, thanks to everyone who donated door prizes, including Luxy & NelsonUncleCart-DriverAmerigoWork & ClassTopo DesignsJezebel’sLittle Man Ice CreamDenver Botanic GardensLeash LocketSugarmill, Que Bueno Mexican Grille and others.
Thanks for supporting us – and our four legged friends. MaxFund would not be here without you! See you at the 2015 Strut!




By Phil McPeck

MaxFund Animal Adoption Center just feels right to Carol Bennett, much the way a scratch behind the ears can comfort or win over a dog.

Denver's premier no-kill animal shelter has engendered in her a loyalty matched only by that of a fine dog and explains why six mornings a week MaxFund can count on Bennett to be at 1005 Galapago St. to walk as many as 20 of its small dogs.

"I love getting them out of their kennels," socializing them and "letting them know they're loved and valued," Bennett said. The dogs' pictures and stories can be seen at www.maxfund.org.

Large or small, dogs awaiting adoption to a permanent home are in the shelter through no fault of their own, Bennett said, and "I feel like I'm kind of a bridge between their former life and their new life."

A new life is something she knows about. For 30 years Bennett, of Denver, was an employee of then-telephone company Qwest and essentially was forced into retirement by layoff in 2009. As a volunteer, she had worked with the Denver Dumb Friends League but found the scheduling there unworkable. Bennett said that over the course of six years she also traveled occasionally to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, where she would care for cats in the mornings during her visits and walk dogs in the afternoons. But the travel was taxing.

In 2007 volunteering and working with shelter animals came together for her at MaxFund. Bennett also has a part-time dog-walking and pet-sitting business.

All but one morning a week, rain or shine, she starts a cacophony of eager barking when she walks into the MaxFund kennel about 7:30. She talks to the dogs as she leashes them and two by two they go on a 15- to 20-minute walk around the block or through the neighborhood on the southwest edge of downtown. "I give them all potty breaks," Bennett said. After as many as 10 such trips to accommodate 20 dogs, she takes some for "play time" in MaxFund's fenced, parklike courtyard with its artificial turf, trees, kiddie swimming pool and toys.

Hopefully life in a kennel is a temporary experience for most of the dogs, Bennett said. "I look at my own pets and they have a house to roam."

Bennett has two cats -- her own and one she fosters for MaxFund. The canine member of her family is Betty, an American Eskimo-corgi mix she rescued in 2005. Betty had been living on the streets of Denver with a homeless man who no longer could keep her, Bennett said.

Every morning walk is an opportunity to be an ambassador for MaxFund and encourage an adoption. A chance meeting and chat with a man on his way to the dog shelter led to one of Bennett's favorite stories.

The man was arriving to see about a particular dog, an older mixed breed he wanted to give a second chance. If that dog didn't work out, for whatever reason, Bennett said, she asked that he look at Delilah.

Delilah, a Coonhound, had been in the shelter for three years. "I could see she was getting depressed. She wouldn't walk far," Bennett said.

As it turned out, the retired gentleman met Delilah and the two have been together since.

And that just feels right, too.

Note: MaxFund is always looking for volunteers! If you're interested, please check the "Volunteer" page on our website, or talk with MaxFund Volunteer Coordinator Carolyn Garcia for more information.

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