We've created new pages for our special needs dogs and cats! You can view them here and here.

"Special needs" dogs and cats may have medical issues that require special attention, like administering medicine. They may need a special diet. They may have physical infirmities, like vision impairments. They may just be elderly or, in the case of some cats, they may be shy due to a lack of early socialization. All need loving homes, though! Some are in foster homes and are seeking loving forever homes; others are seeking foster or forever homes.

Oftentimes, an animal's "special needs" are not all that daunting, so please don't be deterred by the terminology! Contact the MaxFund office, and we'll be happy to let you know what the scope of their needs is. For those dogs and cats needing foster homes, medical care, medications, and prescription diet food will be provided by the MaxFund Wellness Center.

If you're interested in fostering, please view our fostering page. You can download the fostering application there, too!




Puttin' on the Max (our gala fundraiser) is coming November 7, 2015, and we need your stuff! We're looking for businesses and individuals to donate items of value to include in our silent auction. Please stop by the Cat Shelter, 720 W. 10th Avenue in Denver and drop your items off, or we'd be happy to pick them up. Please call Tami at 303-517-4763 for more information and help. Thank you for helping to make Puttin' on the Max a big success!

If you're a business, please consider donating some of your goods or gift cards/gift certificates! We'd be happy to include your flyers, business cards, or coupons in our participants' goodie bags. We're particularly interested in items like these:

**Restaurant gift cards and gift certificates

**Lodging gift certificates

**Travel gift certificates

**Other gift cards and gift certificates

**Wine and wine accessories

**Fine art


**Kitchenware and cookware

**Gift baskets with an assortment of your goods. 

**Candy, chocolate, and other (nonperisable) treats

**Pet accessories

**Service gift certificates, such as photography, massage, spa, hair, nails, etc.

**Other items of value

We're still welcoming sponsors for Puttin' on the Max, too! There are sponsorship levels to fit the budget of every business. Please call Nanci Suro at 720-266-6081 to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship.

Are you an individual? Do you have the following items? If so, we can use them! 

**Unused, unexpired gift cards and gift certificates of all kinds

**Theater, sporting event, and concert tickets (for events occurring after November 7, please!) Got Bronco tix? :)

**Artwork, especialy pet-themed

**Handcrafted items like blankets, jewelry, scarves, etc.

**Other items of value


Registration is now open on Blacktie Colorado for the 27th Annual Puttin' on the Max: Pawpurrazzi ~ You're A Star! This year, we're inviting you to dress up as your favorite movie star! Prizes will be awarded for the most creative costumes! Please join us on the evening of November 7, 2015 at The Brown Palace for a great event to benefit the dogs and cats of MaxFund!

We'll have a silent and live auction with fabulous items, great entertainment, and the ever-popular Pet Parade! Hosted by CBS4 Weather Anchor Ed Greene, this year's Puttin' on the Max promises to be the best ever! Tickets are limited, so register  here now. See you November 7!




Raffle tickets are now on sale in connection with Puttin' on the Max! Purchase tickets right on this page, or stop by or call the MaxFund office!

We've got FABULOUS prizes this year:

First prize: 6 nights and 7 days at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii! (travel to and from the location is not included)

Second prize: Antlers at Vail Getaway! (travel to and from the location is not included)

Third prize: Calphalon Nonstick 1-piece Cookware Set!

Raffle tickets are only $25.00, and only 300 will be sold, so you have an excellent chance of winning one of these great prizes!

You don't have to attend Puttin' on the Max (although we hope you will!), and you don't need to be present at the drawing to win!

So buy one or more raffle tickets, support the dogs and cats of MaxFund, and possibly win yourself a fabulous prize! Use the form below, or call or visit the MaxFund office to purchase tickets! If you need to verify your purchase or call ahead to pick up your ticket(s), please call 720-266-6081 and ask for Paulette Curry. Thank you for your support of MaxFund!

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Note: Chumm is a classic chocolate Lab boy...playful, mischievous, high-energy, and fun! He was recently lucky enough to be adopted by some wonderful (and very patient!) people! He wrote us a letter to let us know how he's doing.


To my old friends at MaxFund!
Hi…Its Chumm!... Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi and to let you know that I’m settling into my new home. It’s been 9 weeks since I left you, and its been an eventful 9 weeks, too!
I have met the local Fire Department when I locked the safety deadbolt from the inside! Haha! It's not accessible from the outside so the FD had to come in through the 3rd floor balcony and unlock the front door. I was very excited to have all those people in my home! A couple of days later we made some cookies to say Thank You but I swiped 12 raw ones from the cookie sheet when Kirstin wasn’t looking! Yum!
Last week I got stuck underneath a parked car chasing a cat… Jon came under the car and untangled my leash… the cat got away but I know where he lives!
I like to share the bed with both Kirstin and Jon. I’m 89lbs and I’m sorry, but if I’m in there first and there’s not enough room for everyone, why is that my fault!
One day I ate my way out of my crate, unlocked the deadbolt, turned the door handle and opened the front door. I went to my neighbor's apartment and got belly rubs on his couch for an hour until Kirstin and Jon came to collect me. Good times!
I went to a Little League baseball the other day. I sat in the bleachers and watched the kids play, I was a great hit with all the spectators! I sat very nicely for everyone to pet me.
I absolutely LOVE the dog park, there’s a creek and if there is a “runner” dog, I AM the “chaser”! We run up and down, through the water, around the trees and back through the water, I don’t like to sit down and rest there and sometimes I get a little upset when other dogs sit and rest.
I went on a road trip to the mountains, I love to hang out the window and let my jowls flap around in the wind. I hiked the mountains in the snow and fell into an ice pond!.... I laid out in the sun after that to dry off and catch my breath.
Kirstin and Jon have since purchased a crate that I’m secure in, I still don’t like to be left alone for a short time but I’m working on my anxiety. Jon made a recording for me of both Kirstin and Jon talking.  They play it through iTunes in the other room so I think they are in that room and haven’t left. Isn't that resourceful of them?
I love to ride in the car and hang out the back window. Once I saw a rabbit and jumped out! Luckily there was a police officer who stopped traffic in the intersection so Jon could chase me. Jon said I was very lucky that the officer was there, I haven’t jumped out again…oh, except that one time when Jon left me in the car at Safeway when he ran in to get dog food, he left the windows open just enough that I climbed out and searched the isles in Safeway looking for him. I saw a huge pile of peaches stacked up on display, but Jon managed to grab me before I climbed on top of them. Party pooper!
We had to take an unexpected road trip to NJ. I slept the entire way. I love the car! Kirstin was concerned that I would get a blood clot in one of my legs so we got out and ran about every 4 hours. Everyone in NJ was so excited to finally meet me. I wasn’t too keen on the humidity on the east coast but I was glad that I saw so many rest stops across America! In 2 weeks I'm taking another roadtrip to Banff National Park. I’m pretty excited to cross the border into Canada, I will be sure to wear my bowtie so I look my best when I meet the customs officer.
I'm still pretty afraid of the thunder! I have 2 favorite spots to hide, one is on the kitchen counter in the corner behind the toaster oven and the other is on the bottom shelf of the pantry.
I can open the pantry door by myself, pull out everything on the bottom 2 shelves and camp out there. Sometimes I like to dig through the back, even though Kirstin and Jon tell me that another world is not back there behind a hidden door.  But I think one day I will get there and there will be be bunnies for me to chase and nothing but steak for me to eat! Hey, a guy can dream!
I hope you are all doing ok, and one day I'm sure you will all also find your “furever” home