*Due to past experiences of injury, MaxFund does not adopt out puppies or kittens (under 1 year) to households with children 5 and under.

Adoption Application
Adopt a Dog Adopt a Cat
Care of Your New Pet

MaxFund Adoption Fees

Cats and Kittens: $75

Purebred Cats: $125

Two cats adopted together: $100

*Puppies under 6mos.: $200.00

2 puppies under 6mos.: $350.00

 Dogs 6mos and older: $125.00

2 Dogs 6mos and older: $200.00

Adoption Process

You have taken the big step in deciding to become a pet owner. Now, what do you do? MaxFund assists hundreds of people and animals each year by trying to make the correct match between owner and pet. MaxFund cares deeply for our animals, not just while they are at the shelter but once they leave for their forever home as well. Because we are a no-kill shelter, our animals are not on an adoption deadline, and we can take the time to make sure we find the best possible home for our furries! We do everything possible to make sure you are right for the animal, to make sure the animal is right for you, and to make sure the animal will work out well with its new family.

Once you decide on the animal you would like to adopt, the following guidelines may help you in this process.

  Fill out and submit an Adoption Application
  paw-bullet Tips on filling out the application:
  paw-bullet We ask for the names and numbers of three personal references (unrelated to you) so let your references know in advance that we’ll be calling for a reference.
  paw-bullet We ask for the name and number of your veterinarian if you have existing pets so let your vet know in advance that we’ll be calling for a reference.
  paw-bullet We ask for the name and number of your landlord (if applicable) so let your landlord know in advance that we will be calling for a reference.
  paw-bullet We currently do not accept faxed or e-mailed applications; they must be delivered to the shelter directly.
  Interview with an Adoption Coordinator
  Tips on interviewing:
  paw-bullet In addition to asking you questions about your commitment to providing a life long home for our animals we require that all family members meet the animal prior to adoption to ensure compatibility.
  paw-bullet If you are interested in adopting a dog we will ask you to bring any dogs currently living in your ohme for a "meet and greet" to insure animal compatibility.
  paw-bullet Saturday are our busiest days so you may have to wait to meet with an Adoption Coordinator.
  Application Review
  paw-bullet We examine all applications carefully and contact all references which could take several days. Please do not plan for a same-day adoption as they are very rare.
  paw-bullet Application approval is left to our Adoption Coordinators’ discretion and MaxFund reserves the right to deny applications for any reason.
  Adoption Approval
Once your application is approved we will call you to arrange next steps which will include pick up of your new pet.
  paw-bullet Due to the volume of applications received we only call approved applicants.
  paw-bullet In the unfortunate circumstance that any animal does not work out in your home after adoption, we require that you return the animal to MaxFund so that we can find the animal a new home.